Thailand Travel: A Complete Travel Guide For Beginner

thailand best travel guide

Thailand is one of those marvelous yet best destination that is on pretty much every explorer’s bucket list. With in excess of fifteen million travelers visiting the country every year, Thailand Travel as the best destination in recent years, Thailand is Asia’s most famous, assorted and energetic travel destination. The country offers a bunch of attractions to its guests: immaculate rainforests, terrific waterfront landscape, sun-kissed shorelines, floating markets, UNESCO secured remains, and remote hill tribes. And after that, there’s Bangkok, Asia’s most energizing city and a heavenly destination in its own also, for a damn valid reason!

Thailand is one of those marvelous yet best destination that is on pretty much every explorer’s bucket list.

Also, for a damn valid reason!

Thailand offers rich mountains in the North, a bustling city in Bangkok, white sandy shorelines in the South, novel and vibrant street foods, popular weekend markets, nature readily available, scuba jumping and swimming, grand and elaborate temple all with earth, benevolent vibe. Regardless of being a magnet for budget and hiker tourists, Thailand travel likewise happens to be home to a portion of the world’s most ultra-sumptuous resorts, whether it be shoreline enclaves, urban hotels or wilderness withdraws.

What more would you be able to ask?

The following are all the Thailand travel tips I learned along the route + a few additional items to help plan the best Thailand travel you can

General Facts:

The general people are in all respects well disposed – don’t be reluctant to ask for help! Currency – Thai Baht ($1 is approx. 32 bahts). This is certainly to support us! Climate comprises of 2 seasons – WET and DRY! seasonTransportation – a mix of flying, trains, transports, ships, strolling, taxis, tuk tuks, and motorbikes.The normal daily rate can extend from $7 – $60 with anything over $50 contrasting with a 4-star hotel in the USA. This range depends on your travel budget and falls into the budget/average travel extend. There are a lot of “extremely” costly hotels if that is likely for you! Significant DESTINATION = TOURIST TRAPS! Include the perplexity of being in a totally foreign land and you are currently a target. My girlfriend and I completely succumbed to this travel traps, we wouldn’t fret an excess of BUT thinking back it was a waste of a day! Read this article to get the full story and what to pay special mind to. Be prepared to remove your shoes before entering a foundation as an indication of respect This is true for all temples, most guesthouses, and a few spots of business (restaurantsand shops). Either wear flip failures or simple slip on shoes to maintain a strategic distance from the problem of taking them on and off constantly. Learn to say Hello and Thank you – rapidly! I was embarrassingly awful at pronouncing the right words yet the exertion was as yet valued by local people.

Best Time To Visit In Thailand:

Thailand comparise four annual seasons:

The cool and dry season – which keeps going from November to February – is viewed as the best time to visit Thailand, with a lot of daylight and day temperatures in the high 70s°F to low 80s°F (26°C-29°C). Sporadic showers may happen in the cool season yet are rare occasions. The hot and dry season endures from March to May, with mugginess achieving awkward levels and temperatures averaging in the upper 90s Fahrenheit (mid-30s Celsius). Despite the fact that this period typically stays dry, raining may accumulate power in the long stretch of May, which is, even more, a progress period towards the wet season. The hot and wet season, which keeps going from June to August, is set apart by day by day overwhelming deluges, which bring alleviation for the sticky, sticky weather. The days frequently begin radiant, with showers, for the most part, happening in the (late) evening or night, going on for 3 to 4 hours. The cool and wet season happens in September and October and sees the arrival of progressively agreeable temperatures, in spite of the fact that it’s presumably the most noticeably terrible time to visit Thailand in light of the fact that the heavy rains are going to a pinnacle, frequently bringing floods and making streets blocked. Most days are shady and shoreline conditions are poor. It’s not all terrible news since low guest numbers imply great hotel deals.

The best time to visit the kingdom harmonizes with the northern side of the equator’s winter period, November through February. In any case, it has the be noticed that the climate in Thailand has turned out to be less unsurprising in the course of recent years because of an Earth-wide temperature boost, with the stormy season frequently beginning in April and enduring through all of November. What’s more, Thailand is a large country and there are some land varieties in regular examples:

The mountains, northern part of Thailand (where Chiang Mai is located) is less sticky and experience the best variation in temperatures. All through the cool and dry season, nights can be cold here because of the absence of overcast spread, with temperatures every so often moving toward the solidifying level on the higher inclines. Be that as it may, this district is frequently more sweltering than the remainder of the country among March and May, when it isn’t unordinary for the mercury to break into the 100s Fahrenheit (upper 30s Celsius). The southern, tropical part of Thailand enejoy all the more reliably warm temperatures consistently, with less variation the closer you get to the equator, despite the fact that there are noteworthy contrasts in the precipitation here:

The Andaman coast – where the hotel territories of Phuket and Krabi are found – experience the wettest stormy season in all of Thailand, with deluges beginning in April and typically continuing until November.

Then again, the Gulf Coast and its seaward islands –, for example, the well-known island of Koh Samui – are shielded from the southwest monsoon by mountains and experience the ill effects of the blustery season than the Andaman coast: Koh Samui’s incredible climate keeps going from about February to September, with the upper east rainstorm bringing substantial rains among October and January, particularly in November. For a month to month climate report in Thailand, check this website.

How to Get There:

Most voyagers will arrive in Thailand by means of one of the accompanying international airport: Suvarnabhumi Airport and Don Mueang Airport close Bangkok, Chiang Mai Airport in northern Thailand, and the runways that serve the retreat territories of Phuket, Krabi and Koh Samui.

Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK), otherwise called (New) Bangkok International Airport, is the fundamental worldwide airport serving Bangkok and one of the greatest international airport in Southeast Asia. Snap here for a rundown of carriers that offer non-stop flights to Suvarnabhumi Airport. Don Mueang International Airport (DMK), called (Old) Bangkok International Airport, Don Mueang Airport was shut and supplanted by the new Suvarnabhumi Airport in 2006, preceding reviving in 2007 after remodels. Since the opening of the new airplane terminal, it has turned into a territorial worker flight center and the accepted ease aircraft center. Snap here for a rundown of carriers that offer non-stop flights to Don Mueang International Airport. Chiang Mai International Airport (CNX) is the international airport serving Chiang Mai, the capital city of the Chiang Mai Province, and the significant portal to Northern Thailand. Snap here for a rundown of carriers that offer non-stop flights to Chiang Mai. Phuket International Airport (HKT) is an international airport situated in the north of Phuket Island, Thailand’s most prominent retreat destination. Snap here for a rundown of carriers that offer non-stop flights to Phuket. Krabi International Airport (KBV) is the international airport serving Krabi, which is situated over the narrows from Phuket island. This airport is extending quickly with aircraft, for example, Qatar Airways and Finnair now serving the destination. Snap here for a rundown of aircraft that offer non-stop flights to Krabi. Samui International Airport (USM), otherwise called Koh Samui Airport, is an airport that serves the island of Koh Samui. It was worked by is still exclusive by Bangkok Airways, the significant aircraft serving the destination. Snap here for a rundown of carriers that offer non-stop flights to Koh Samui.

Before you purchase a plane ticket, consider reading my tips and traps for purchasing the cheapest plane ticket.


Thailand’s local transport system is proficient and modest, though not constantly fast. Flying is the most helpful approach to cover a portion of Thailand’s enormous separations, particularly when you are on a tight timetable. In any case, on the off chance that you have room schedule-wise to take in the field, there is the likelihood to go by bus, train, or private vehicle, albeit long-separate adventures over land in Thailand can be exhausting occasions

By Air:

A domestic flight inside Thailand can spare you long stretches of voyaging: a departure from Chiang Mai to Phuket takes two hours contrasted with two days over land by a mix of train and transport travel. There are a few local airlines that serve the majority of Thailand’s bigger city area notwithstanding the resorts towns. There is solid challenge between bearers, implying that incredible deals are frequently accessible, particularly in the event that you book ahead of time. Tickets can be reserved online by means of the airlines websites:

Thai Airways (Thailand’s flag bearer, member of the Star Alliance) Bangkok Airways (a full administration, boutique airlines) Air Asia Thailand (low cost carrier) Nok Air (budget auxiliary of Thai Airways) Arrange Thai Airlines (low cost carrier) Thai Smile Airways (low cost carrier)

By Train:

Travel via train in Thailand conveys a specific sentimentalism. The rail system is overseen by the State Railway of Thailand (SRT), and comprises of four main lines and a couple of branch lines. The Northern Line, which interfaces Bangkok with Chiang Mai, is a prominent course with visitors and takes about multi day (or night) of movement. The railroad framework additionally stretches out right to Thailand’s southern fringe, where it interfaces with Malaysia’s Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTM), with administration to Penang, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore. The SRT runs various trains, each at an alternate speed, and valued appropriately. Five star sleepers are the trains you need to be reserved in, since they for the most part give cooled, two-bunk compartments with wash basin.

By Bus:

Travel by bus is the least expensive and most helpful method for getting around in Thailand Travel, particularly to the most distant and most remote goals in the country. They come in a few classifications, extending from open or private to cooled or non-cooled transports. Longer transport trips, as a rule, withdraw in the nights to touch base at their goal promptly toward the beginning of the day. At whatever point you can, decide on the VIP transports, particularly for medium-term trips, since these transports highlight leaning back seats with additional legroom, a latrine, and restricted locally available administration (for example snacks).

By Ferries:

Regular Farries interface every significant island with the terrain, and for most by far of intersections, you basically purchase your ticket ready.

It must be noticed that the security models of Thailand’s domestic transport system are problematic, and getting around by an open vehicle in the kingdom conveys a characteristic hazard. Wellbeing guidelines, when they exist, are scarcely ever authorized. Transport mishaps are visit occasions, particularly because of poor support, over the top speed, and depleted drivers. Additionally, few ship sinkings have occurred as of late, so attempt to abstain from going on vessels that are in poor condition or unmistakably over-burden. At long last, in spite of the fact that going via air remains the most secure method for transportation inside the country, Thailand’s avionics industry has been downsized in 2015 over wellbeing worries by the USA’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).


There are a few valid justifications why you should put Thailand travel on your bucket list: Explore Bangkok, a standout amongst Asia’s most entrancing urban communities, with its floating markets and Grand Palace Be wowed by transcending limestone precipices around Phuket island Take an interest in Thai cookery classes in Chiang Mai Appreciate a customary Thai back rub Hike in the rainforest of Thailand’s northern mountains Visit the antiquated ruins of Prasat Hin Phimai Unwind on world-class shorelines Stay at one the world’s most restrictive resorts: Soneva Kiri The accompanying, inside and out articles may likewise move you and help you plan your vacation to Thailand

Top 10 Most Photogenic Wonder In Thailand:

Thai Temple Floating Market Bangkok Cityscape Floating Rafts Uninterrupted Sea View River Kwai Rainforest Rice Fields And Tea Plantations The Beach Elephants In Their Natural Surrounding

Top 10 Romantic Gateway In Thailand

The Tubkaak Boutique Resort, Krabi Ava Resort & Spa, Khanom Malati Beach Resort & spa, Koh Samui The Vijit Resort, Phuket Amari Vogue, Krabi Pimalai Resort & Spa, Koh Lanta Conrad Koh Samui Rayavadee Krabi The Sarojin, Khao Lak Layana Resort Koh Lanta, Koh Lanta Yai

Top 10 Things To Do In Thailand

Visit The Grand Palace, Bangkok Elephant Sanctuary, Chiang Mai an Bangkok See Wat Pho Temple, Bangkok Journey Abroad The Thai-Burmese Railway Rediscovery Of Ayutthaya Historical Park Wiang Kum Kam, Chiang Mai Get Back Basics In Mae Kampong With The North Hill Tribe, Chiang Mai Floating Market Lounge On Maya Beach, Krabi Angthong Marine National Park, Koh Samui

A True Taste Of Thailand

Traditional Thai Dishes:

 Popular Thailand Travel Routes:

Popular Cities:


This is normally the main stop on the traveler’s schedules in light of the significant international airport situated here. Except if entering Thailand from a neighboring country by means of bus or train, most flights will arrive here. Bangkok’s features are: A huge amount of settlement choices going from $5 hotels on party center Koh San Road, $20 guesthouses concealed however close enough to the activity, to lavish 5-star inns in the center of the city. With more than 50,000 restaurants, Bangkok is the spot to eat well and for cheap! The city is known for its real road nourishment admission which will keep your gut and wallet happy. Explorer’s can enjoy cushion thai and a fresh fruits smoothie for under $3 (inside glad move here)! Semi-formal restaurants are copious too with a range of optionBangkok is brimming with stunning temple that will keep you entranced for quite a long time. The craftsmanship and detail are completely lovely, it resembles none other. Make a point to wear conscious garments, be camera prepared, bring filtered water, and perhaps snap a yoga photograph or twoSHOPPING! I am wearing all mens (and a few ladies as well) pack softly. The shopping openings are unending with modest clothing, jewelry, handbags, and trinkets that will fill your bag to the brim. I over pressed and needed to under shop subsequently – huge mistake.

Chiang Mai:

Known as the “Gateway of the North” – the city is encompassed by rich mountains and greenery with a general feeling of wellbeing and spirituality. The city is a significant Buddhist focus going back to the fourteenth century and home to in excess of 300 temples! Surely understood for hollistic and characteristic tutoring, voyagers can take part in cooking courses, contemplation and yoga withdraws, and rub confirmation courses. Whenever inspired by this kind of experience – click here. How to arrive from Bangkok? Travel either by means of plane, train, or bus. Plane travel is modest and snappy – normal roundtrip flight is $40. Bus travel is the least expensive and the most awkward. Transports withdraw from Bangkok pretty much consistently beginning from 5:30 am to 10 pm. The trek is about 10 hours. Train travel is a great travel option as the outing can be made medium-term. It is a famous strategy so make sure to plan and buy tickets ahead of time. The outing is 12 – 15 hours.

Ko Phi Islands:

The Phi islands(pronounced pee pee) are well known for the movie The Beach, situated in the Andaman Sea and in the middle of the Krabi Province and the Phuket area. The island is a little portion of created land settled between two peaks with a beach on one side and a straight on the other. There are no vehicles (besides government and emergency) and the general population depends entirely on import in products from neighboring cities. Known for shoreline lounging and scuba diving by day, the island transforms into an enthusiastic party by night with fire shows, brew pong, and wrestling matches. Be prepared for dancing, loud crowd, and music playing till just before sunrise. The islands must be come to by means of ship and are regularly gotten to from either Phuket or Ao Nang. Contingent upon the season and groups, tickets may be bought ahead of time. We bought our tickets the morning of BUT we were visiting during the rainy season.


Situated in North Thailand, Pai is depicted as making a stride back in time and known as a hipster or rasta town. It is situated in a rich valley encompassed by mountains and nature. The city has turned out to be progressively popular throughout the most recent decade among explorers and local people while keeping its charm and unique roots! Busy season is October – February with lodging regularly reserving so prepare! To arrive from Chiang Mai – travel is available by flight, bus, car, or motorbike. Flights from Chiang Mai are a speedy 30 minutes and cost $50 for a single way. Open transport is a 4-hour trip relying upon traffic and expenses $3 for a single way. Driving yourself is another alternative and dependent on information, very simple! The trip takes 3 hours by and large.

The Gulf of Thailand:

(Koh Phangan, Koh Samui, Koh Tao)

All situated in the Gulf of Thailand, these three islands have turned out to be progressively famous for both diversion and social exercises. Tourist can without much of a stretch experience every one of the three during one trip utilizing a ship as a method for movement between them. In light of the rising fame, these islands are commonly created taking into account travelers.

Koh Phangan is popular for the Full Moon Party it has each month on the full moon. The party pulls in a large number of guests so be set up for hard and fast dirty tricks. Koh Samui can turn into whatever experience you’re searching for! The island can change into a luxury private estate with greens and head servants, a quiet retreat for people hoping to rehearse yoga and contemplate, or an economical destination with white sand shorelines by day and throughout the night parties. Koh Tao has turned into the destination for nature addicts – in the case of looking to scuba plunge and snorkel, shake climb, or climb, this island has everything!


It’s difficult to recommend one agenda for Thailand travel, however, I, therefore, share with you a fourteen-day schedule dependent on my own tour experience in Thailand travel. Three weeks are recommended however on the off chance that you have additional time and need to go at an all the more leisurely pace.

Days 1-3: Explore Bangkok (recommend inns: Mandarin Oriental Bangkok, St Regis Bangkok, Park Hyatt Bangkok, or The Siam Hotel) Days 4-6: Explore Chiang Mai and environment (suggest inns: The Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai or The Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai) Days 7-9: Explore the Golden Triangle (recommend inns: The Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle) Days 10-15: Relax on Koh Kood (suggested inn: Soneva Kiri) On the other hand, if Soneva Kiri – one of my preferred hotels on the world – isn’t inside your spending range, you can travel to one of the southern resort zones, and stay there for seven days of relaxing on sun-kissed shorelines (but no resortt nor shoreline here approaches the experience that Soneva Kiri offers): Recommend hotels in Phuket: I allude to my main 10 rundowns of the best inns in Phuket. Suggested inns in Krabi: Rayavadee Krabi, Pimalai Resort and Spa, and Phulay Bay, a Ritz-Calton Reserve Suggested inns in Koh Samui: Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui, Banyan Tree Koh Samui, W Retreat Koh Samui, and Conrad Koh Samui, For more thoughts, I recommend the incredible Thailand travel agendas as given by The Rough Guides and Frommers.

Top 10 Hotels & Resorts In Thailand:

Aleenta Pranburi Resort & Spa, Hua Hin Santhiya Hoh Yao Yai Outrigger Koh Samui Beach Resorrt The Peninsula, Bangkok Anantara Rasananada Koh Phangan Villa Resort & Spa Pimalai Resort & Spa, Koh Lanta Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok The Shore At Katathani Conrad Koh Samui Rayavadee, Krani

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