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Are you planning on travel in Bangladesh? Bangladesh is south Asia’s greenest gem – a nation plaited with rivers, with a rich culture waiting on to be explored by spearheading visitors We provide you with a helpful Bangladesh Traveler’s Guide, with essential info, for example, time zones, safety, visas, etc. We know that this trip guide for Bangladesh will add to a charming remain in this amazing country.

A Land of Rivers

Welcome to the river county. Bangladesh is plaited together by in excess of 700 rivers, producing a flavorful rich scene with more shades of green than you envisioned. Going by boat is a lifestyle here, and gives an astounding chance to see the country from a progressively strange point. This is one of the world’s most thickly populated nations, however, once you’re gradually drifting downriver on a little wooden paddle boat, it is easy to envision you have everything to yourself. Whether you’re making a trip to tumultuous Dhaka or to the Sundarbans’ mangrove forests, boats big and little will enable you to explore Bangladesh’s riches.

Hidden Riches

The mangrove forests and tigers of the Sundarbans National Park are Bangladesh’s most popular attractions, yet the nation has a large group of lesser-known attractions that are waiting to be found. Features including the Buddhist stays at Paharpur and the fifteenth-century mosques and mausoleums of Bagerhat, the two of which are Unesco World Heritage Sites. While modern Bangladesh is majority Muslim, its hill tracts are as yet home to Buddhist and Christian Adivasi tribal peoples, while temples in Dhaka and past authenticate the impact of Hindu culture on the nation.

Warm and Welcoming

Getting off the beaten track is something of a trip antique nowadays, however, Bangladesh is someplace that tourism stays in its outset. It is simple to get the vibe that you’re getting things started here, regardless of whether your spearheading soul is every now and again taken care of by being the center of attraction. Bangla culture is broadly inviting – once in a while will you have cause to speculate the ulterior thought processes that can here and there bother to travel in Bangladesh different pieces of south Asia. If you appreciate making friends, mixing with local people and visiting without catching such a large number of different visitors, at that point, this is likely simply the nation to explore.

Slow Down

Be prepared to travel in Bangladesh in the entirety of its conceivable outcomes and eccentricities. This isn’t a goal to be rushed. Poor explore and undeveloped tourism imply that you’ll be left disappointed in case you’re trying to travel in Bangladesh too much of a hurry. So slow down; don’t try to pack a lot into your schedule. Bangladesh isn’t a tick-the-sights-off-the-rundown kind of a country. It’s a spot to relax, meet individuals and find new thoughts and lifestyles. Taking as much time as is needed will enable the nation to uncover the best of itself at its own pace, as sure and relentless as the rivers that flow through its veins.

15 Best Places to Visit in Bangladesh:15 best places to visits in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a nation with bottomless attractions, from seashores to forests and waterfalls, combined with rich culture and history. While traveling through its beauty, don’t miss an explore to these 15 charming regions.

Cox’s Bazar

Situated in Chittagong Division, Cox’s Bazar once in a while alluded to as Panowa, is a wonderful sea beach town with the longest solid sandy beach in the country, however in the world. The 75 miles of the shocking beach is the principle reason that Cox’s Bazar is one of the most popular traveling hot areas in Bangladesh. But, there is a whole other world to this delightful fishing town. Plan Khyang is a grand Buddhist religious community that explores can visit. Lovely nearby handicraft and handcrafted stogies are likewise a claim to fame to pay special mind to here from neighborhood sellers.


situated generally near the current capital city, around 18 miles away, Sonargaon is a previous capital of Bangladesh. Diverse dynastic rulers have added to make it a stunning city, its rich history is reflected in Sonargaon’s chronicled architecture and culture. Sonargaon is additionally home to dazzling gardens, incredible folks arts, and craft museum and the illustrious royal residence and is certainly justified regardless of an early evening time’s walking.


Situated in Rajshahi Division, Bogra is one of the most seasoned and most captivating towns in Bangladesh. Its numerous prominent attractions bring both outside and local guests here in regularly expanding numbers. The most amazing spot to visit is the antiquated archeological site which goes back to the third century and is known under the name of Mahasthangarh. The rest of the locales are for the most part Buddhist, however, there are some Hindu and Muslim ones as well. Bogra likewise has a stunning temple and castle to visit as well.


A visit to Bangladesh would not be finished without a visit to the cultural, financial, and academic center of the country: Dhaka, the capital city. It is the center of nearly everything going on in Bangladesh, and the city’s must-visits include the national memorial, the parliament house, the Pink Palace, the Lalbag fort, Balgha gardens, and the Maynamati


Mymensingh is a dazzling city with 200 years of political history and culture. Situated by the wonderful Brahmaputra river, Mymensingh offers a scope of social, verifiable and regular locales of interest, and some incredible excursion spots as well. Guests can walk around the Orchid or Strawberry gardens, head to the experience park in Gajani, visit however Jalchhatra or appreciate a boat ride on the river. The city is likewise where the prestigious high-quality Nakshikantha, a Bengali quiet, is made.


Sylhet is situated along the banks of the Surma River. As one of the most princely and effectively open places in Bangladesh, Sylhet pulls in a consistent progression of guests coming to appreciate the city’s wonderful characteristic scenes including hills, rivers, lakes, tea gardens, rain forests, and waterfalls, that encompass its charming city areas.


Khulna is the third-biggest city in Bangladesh, found near Chittagong and Dhaka and giving access to the popular Sundarbans; the greatest mangrove forest in the world; the home of the delightful Royal Bengal Tiger. Khulna additionally has probably the oldest ports of the nation which explorers can visit.


Rajshahi is currently a greater amount of education and tourism center, however, some time ago, it used to be a significant place for silk production, sold all around the world. Guests still come to Rajshahi, to make a beeline for the many state bazaars to purchase wonderful silk fabrics today. Rajshahi’s weather is also ideal for developing particular sorts of fruits, implying that guests can enjoy fragrant mangoes and lychees while they explore around the city.


Paharpur is a little town, near the Jamalganj train station, where the remaining parts of a significant Buddhist religious community have been unearthed. Going back to the eighth century, this antiquated cloister called Somapura Mahavihara ranges 27 sections of land and is perceived as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. An on-location museum also shows an accumulation of items to give guests a superior picture of what life resembled in the good ‘old days.


Bandarban is one of the prettiest spots in the entire of Bangladesh and is effectively open from any enormous city. The lake and waterfalls give it a real sentiment of serenity. However, these dazzling characteristic scenes, there are various Buddhist temples around town. The most significant of these is the Buddha Dhatu Jadi, where you’ll locate the second greatest Buddha statue in the country.

Ratargul, Sylhet

Sylhet is the place where there is water and lakes, and ‘Ratargul’, the snake asylum, is a real experience through the freshwater marsh forests. This green forests stays submerged more often than not and is explored by boat. The overhead blue sky makes the environment significantly more attractive by throwing its appearance on the reasonable water. The experience of encountering wildlife here can’t be contrasted with anything. The green environment will make you feel nearer than you’ve at any point felt to Mother Nature.

Paharpur Bihar

Come back to a period of surprise and wonderment in Paharpur Bihar, in north Bengal. This seventh-century archeological site is presently viewed as a world heritage. It holds proof of the time of ‘Mahayana Buddhism’ in Bengal and was a famous scholarly focus until the 12th- century. This cloister city speaks to a special creative accomplishment, with its abundance of cut improvement, stunning earthenware plaques, stoneware, coins, elaborate blocks, and other minor clay objects. An eminent play area for those with archeological intrigue.

Shat Gombuj Masjid

‘Shat Gombuj Masjid’ is a mosque built by an extraordinary Muslim Saint Khan Jahan Ali with 81 domes, and has been listed a UNESCO World Heritage Site also. You can locate the genuine significance of the internal quiet and reality of interminable nearness. Its credibility alongside straightforwardness will cause you to think about and welcome the little moments of satisfaction in life that stay unnoticed more often than not. This magnificent archeological beauty which is the mark of the fifteenth-century design was developed with earthenware enrichment. The old embellished limit wall around the mosque yard, delightful plan around the entryways essentially bears the previous Muslim social convention. It is eminent in its own particular manner.

Trying to find Bangladesh in a movement book will never give you a chance to encounter her actual excellence. Its inconceivable custom, enchantment, the glow of holding and cadence of life is unquestionably an experience that must be explored. The bright existence of this small nation can give genuine satisfaction and joy to you which will remain with you for a very long time

Chittagong Ship Breaking Yard
Somapura Mahavihara


Time Zone: GMT +6 Electricity: 220 V, 50Hz. Electrical Outlets: European with 2 roundabout metal pins; British with 3 level cutting edges and 3 roundabout metal pins framing a triangle. Consider bringing a connector along. Apparel: Shoulders and legs must be secured for both men and women. Shorts are just worn by children.

Passports and Visas

Passports and Visas Passports must be valid for a quarter of a year or all the more after the flight. Visas are required by every one of those entering the country with specific exemptions (Bangladeshis with stepped British Passports, Hong Kong nationals, Macau nationals, Maldives national and transit passengers). People from specific country can get a thirty-day visa when they arrive. Vacationer and business visas are issued. Costs will rely upon the explorer’s nationality. Application for visas is deal with by the consular section of the High Commission or Embassy. Applications take three to seven days or more.


Safety Clashes in the Chittagong Hill Tract area have made a risk and accordingly, explorers are encouraged to avoid this region. This doesn’t envelop Chittagong city. It is significant that travelers know that terrorism oppression is a threat in Bangladesh and Embassies will have the option to provide you with up-to-date on the political and security circumstance in Bangladesh. Similar to the case all through the world, wrongdoing is expanding – particularly in the bigger city. Know about pickpocketing and tote grabbing. Try not to walk alone at night or carry valuable resources. Keep gems and cash in safety store boxes at the inn. Punishments for overstepping Bangladesh’s laws are very serious and very strict. Drug possession isn’t messed with and is probably going to prompt detainment. Bangladesh’s judicial system is moderate and jail conditions poor, so it is ideal to abstain from taking part in any kind of bad doing.



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